User Points & Levels


How to Earn Contribution Points

We rely heavily on content contributions from users to make the information on YLB as accurate and up-to-date as possible and to provide the best and most informative experience for beer lovers all over the world. To encourage this and also reward users for their contributions, we have developed a system of reward points and levels. Each time you contribute any kind of content, from adding a simple quick rating of a beer to adding a new beer or brewery to our database (see below for a complete list of available contribution points and user levels), you will earn reward points which will be added to your account. Once you reach certain milestones, you will be rewarded with a new level title and icon (you may notice a recurring theme in the some of the level names and icons ;)


Available Contribution Points

Quick Rating - Beer (non-local) - 1 pt

Quick Rating - Beer (local) - 2 pts

Review - Beer (non-local) - 2 pts

Add a Photo (any) - 3 pts

Edit - Beer Details - 3 pts

Edit - Bar/Restaurant/Bottle Shop Details - 5 pts

Review - Beer (local) - 5 pts

Review - Bar/Restaurant/Bottle Shop (non-local) - 5 pts

Review - Bar/Restaurant/Bottle Shop (local) - 10 pts

Add a Beer - 10 pts

Add details to "About the Local Craft Beer Scene" - 15 pts (limited to once per week)

Add a Bar/Restaurant/Bottle Shop - 25 pts

Add a Brewery - 50 pts

Initial Signup on YLB - 100 pts (available once)


User Levels

Below are the 7 levels that users can achieve by adding content to YLB as described above. Once you accumulate enough points for the next level, your user level and the icon next to your user name will automatically change to match your new level. Once you reach the level of Grand Master, there are no more user levels, but your points will continue to accumulate and be used on various scoreboards and user rankings that are being created.

NooB  100-500 pts

Contributor  501-1,000 pts

Padawan  1,001 - 2,500 pts

Knight  2,501 - 7,500 pts

Sentinel  7,501 - 15,000 pts

Master  15,001 - 25,000 pts

Grand Master  25,001+ pts


Level Icons